11th August, 1915

The report from this week in 1915 begins, ‘I have not much to report at present except that good progress is being made.’ The Hospital obtained the loan of a lorry, which allowed equipment to be brought to site, but had to refuse the offer of a ‘motor x-ray ambulance car’ from Sir John C. Holder Bt., as sufficient x-ray equipment was already held.

Chief Commissioner Clark also notes that he has delayed posting the report, as he was waiting for the arrival of Miss Todd the Matron, the Assistant Matron Miss Chittock, and nurses, Misses Willis, MacMahon and Bertha Smith who arrived by motor car on the 11th August. However, the report mostly focuses on ‘a definite agreement’, drawn up by the War Office, concerning the rations given to the Red Cross and Voluntary Hospitals.

Finally, the Hospital receives a visit from Sir Arthur Lawley, who was made a Knight of Grace in 1917 and Knight of Justice in 1920 by the Order of St. John, and his wife Lady Lawley on Thursday afternoon, where upon they were offered tea in the Mess.

Page One

First page of report

First page of report


To The Director

The Ambulance Department,

The Order of St. John of Jerusalem

in England.

My Lord,

I have not much to report at present except that good

progress is being made.

We have obtained the loan of a lorry since Monday, through

the good offices of Sir. Arthur Lawley, which has enabled us to

collect a quantity of our equipment which was lying at Boulogne

and elsewhere.

I find that a definite agreement was drawn up as to the

treatment of Voluntary Hospitals in the matter of rations

between The British red Cross and the War Office Authorities

out here. I enclose a copy.

From this it will be seen that we shall have to pay for

light, fuel, water, petrol-except petrol for one car – and for


Since this was drawn up it has been decided that electric

light and water shall be a free issue to Voluntary Hospitals.

In reading through a copy of my last letter to you I notice

in reference to the offer concerning the Mortuary it is written

“this offer has now been accepted” it should have been written

“has not been accepted”.

Miss Todd the Matron, The Assistant Matron Miss Chittock,

and the Misses Willis, MacMahon, and Bertha Smith, arrived safely

in Boulogne and were brought out here by motor car this evening.

I propose sending Captain Gordon home on the 20th to see

to a few matters regarding the equipment of the Hospital.

I have received a letter from Commissioner, Colonel

Page Two

Second page of report

Second page of report

Continuation 2.

Tyrrell, forwarding an offer from Sir John C. Holder Bt., of

a motor X-Ray Ambulance Car for use at the front. I am afraid

we have no use for it in connection with the hospital as we

have a complete X-Ray equipment already, but I have passed the

offer on to the Military Medical Authorities as it may be of

use on the Lines of Communication.

Sir Arthur and Lady Lawley paid a visit to the Hospital

on Thursday afternoon, I took them round and the appeared

much gratified by what they saw. We were able to offer them tea in

the Mess.

When the Matron has been able to look round I shall be better

able to state when the remaining Nurses should come out, but

probably within the next ten days.

I have the honour to be,

Your Lordships

Obedient servant,

James Clark.

Etaples. 11/8/15

P.S. I have delayed the posting of this letter so as to be able

to notify the arrival of the sisters as reported.

The touring car Sunbeam also arrived yesterday at Boulogne

but without head lights, tools or spare tyres. These are now

being fitted to it after which it will be brought to the Hospital

and the Metallurgique disposed of as requested by Lord Norreys

in his letter of the 9th inst.


Page Three


Third page of report


London S.W.

7th May 1915.




I am directed to acknowledge the receipt of your

letter of the 17th ultimo, No Q.M.690, and to acquaint

you in reply that your proposal that Red Cross Hospitals

situated in Camp Areas overseas should be supplied with

electric light and water at the public expense is approved,

in the circumstances represented.

I am


Your obedient Servant,

(Sgd) H.F.P. Percival, Lt,-Col.

for Major-General

Director of Supplies and Transport.

The Inspector General

of Communications,

British Army in the Field.

Page Four


Fourth page of report



No. G. 10-15

Date 24/4/15. Etaples.


Field Marshal

J.D.P. French, G.C.B.., O.M., G.C.V.O., K.C.M.G..,

Commander –in-Chief,

British Expeditionary Force,


The Secretary,

War Office



28th  January, 1915.


The question of the amount of the assistance which

should be given to recognised Red Cross and Voluntary Aid

Hospitals is continually arising and it is very desirable

that some definite ruling should be arrived at immediately.

With this object in in view, I have had an agreement

drawn up with the Red Cross in accordance with the attached

statement so as to settle the relative financial

responsibility as regards hospital expenditure of the war

Office and the Red Cross in regard to these hospitals.

The question of the upkeep of Motor Ambulance has

already been arranged by a Routine Order No. 495 published

on 30th December 1914, a copy of which is attached.

I therefore have the honour to request that I may

be informed if you approve of the arrangements made, and if

so, that your concurrence may be cabled to me.

I have the honour to be,


Your obedient servant,

(Sgd) C.F.N. Macready,


For Field Marshal

British Commanding

Army in Field.

Page Five


Fifth page of report


Q.K. 732.




To be provided by Red Cross and Voluntary Hospitals. To be provided by the Army.

1.      Hospital Extras

2.      Hospital Equipment.

3.      Medical & Surgical Supplies

4.      Rent of Building.

5.      Feul and Light. Water.

6.      Motor Cars, Lorries and Ambulance Wagons

7.      Salaries and Wages.

8.      Hospital Staff Clothing


1.      Rations For (Personnel.

2.      Hospital Clothing

3.      Field Service Clothing for men on discharge

4.      Washing of Patients, petrol, and tyres, etc., as per War Office Agreement November 17th 1914.

5.      Railway Transport


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